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Octavian Cristian Rogozea, Alexandru Berzovan, Eugen Pădurean
Contribution to the Repertory of Late Neolithic Settlements on the Territory of Arad County

Mária Bondár
A new Bronze Age wagon model from Szombathely-Motel

Florin Gogâltan, Victor Sava
An Older Bronze Age Funerary Discovery from Zimandu Nou (Arad County)

Luminiţa Andreica-Szilagyi
Anthropological Analysis of Two Cremation Graves Discovered in the Settlement of Zimandu Nou
(Arad County)

Eugen Pădurean, Alexandru Berzovan
Prehistoric Vestiges on Highiș Peak in Zarandului Mountains (Municipality of Tîrnova, Arad County)

Victor Sava
The Archaeological Site of Felnac “Complexul Zootehnic” (Arad County). Discussions on the Late
Bronze Age Settlement and Cemetery

Octavian Cristian Rogozea, Răzvan Ioan Pinca
Two Bronze Items Discovered by Chance: the Bracelet from Jupa (Caraş-Severin County) and the Long
Dagger from Găvojdia (Timiş County)

Sándor Berecki
Two Late Iron Age Graves from Vladimirescu

Cristina Bodó, Valeriu Sîrbu
The Fortifications in Câmpuri Surduc in the Context of the Dacian Discoveries made in the Mureş
Gorge (the Şoimuş – Zam Area)

Alexandru Berzovan
On a Presumed Roman Military Expedition in the Valley of River Marisos at the Turn of the First
Century A.D.

Britta Burkhardt
Reflecting on the Typological Analysis of Roman Provincial Baths and Bathhouses

Dan Băcueț-Crișan, Sanda Băcueț-Crișan
Old and New Archeological Researches Regarding the Early Medieval Habitat in Sylvanian Basin

Aurel Dragotă
Typology of Crescent-Shaped Pendants

Silviu Oţa, Andra Samson
Several Observations on the Medieval Battle Knives Found on the Territory of Romania (The MNIR

Florin Mărginean
Ottoman-Turkish Archaeological Research in Arad County. Turkish Strongholds in the Second Half of
the 16th Century between Mureș and Crișul Alb (The Beginning of a thematic Approach)

Călin Ghemiş
From the History of Archaeological Researches in Crișana: Dr. Ernest Andrassy (I)


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