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    Octavian Cristian Rogozea
    Discoveries Attributed to the Early Vinča Phase in Tărtăria “Gura Luncii” (Alba County). The 214 Preventive Archaeological Researches Performed on “Site 10B”

    Georgeta El Susi
    Animal Bones from the Neolithic (Szakalhat) Levels at Uivar (Timiş County)

    Victor Sava, Florin Mărginean, Adrian Ursuţiu
    The Eneolithic Cemetery in Pecica “Est” (Arad County)

    Tünde Horváth
    Budakalasz, ein besonderer Bestattungsplatz der Badener Kultur. Kritische Anmerkungen zum Buch: Maria Bondar – Pal Raczky (Red.): The Copper Age cemetery of Budakalasz

    Tobias L. Kienlin, Klára P. Fischl, Liviu Marta
    Exploring Divergent Trajectories in Bronze Age Landscapes: Tell Settlement in the Hungarian Borsod Plain and the Romanian Ier Valley

    Călin Ghemiș
    The Late Bronze Age Gold Ring Discovered in Betfia (Bihor County, Romania)

    Liliana Daniela Mateescu-Suciu
    Glass Recipients from Sarmizegetusa Regia. Unguentaria and Bottles

    Horațiu Cociș
    The Rural Landscape of the Frontier of Dacia Porolissensis. A Case Study: the Northern Sector –
    territorium Arcoba(da)rense – The Valley of River Someșul Mare

    Norbert Kapcsos
    Sarmatian graves from Pecica Site 18. Remarks upon the phenomenon of „isolated” graves from the Cris-Tisa-Mures region

    Ioan Stanciu
    On Early Medieval Roasting Trays and their Presence in the Settlements from the North-Western Part of Romania

    Călin Cosma, Adrian Bolog, Ovidiu Oargă
    Avar Graves Recently Discovered in Gambaș (Alba County) on the Spot Called “Ogoarele de jos”

    Dan Băcueț-Crișan, Gruia Fazecaș, Doru Marta
    An Early Medieval Feature Discovered in Oradea – Salca “Ghețărie” (Petrom Gas Station)

    Daniela Tănase, Gábor Bertók, Anita Kocsis, Balázs Major
    The location of Egres Cistercian monastery – Igriş (Timiș County), in the light of recent geophysical research

    Florin Mărginean, Zsolt Csók, Keve László, Victor Sava
    Unveiling History. Archaeological Excavations in the Fortress of Ineu (Arad County)

    Dorel Micle, Bogdan Alin Craiovan, Andrei Stavilă, Octavian-Cristian Rogozea
    The Times before Fischer’s Furniture Store. The Preventive Archaeological Researches in Sfântul Gheorghe Square 2–3, Timișoara (Timiş County)

    Andrea Demjén, Florin Gogâltan
    The Ciuc-Ghimeș Quarantine (18th–19th Centuries). Archaeological Researches of the Former Customs Point “Cetatea Rakoczy”



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    Octavian Cristian Rogozea, Alexandru Berzovan, Eugen Pădurean
    Contribution to the Repertory of Late Neolithic Settlements on the Territory of Arad County

    Mária Bondár
    A new Bronze Age wagon model from Szombathely-Motel

    Florin Gogâltan, Victor Sava
    An Older Bronze Age Funerary Discovery from Zimandu Nou (Arad County)

    Luminiţa Andreica-Szilagyi
    Anthropological Analysis of Two Cremation Graves Discovered in the Settlement of Zimandu Nou
    (Arad County)

    Eugen Pădurean, Alexandru Berzovan
    Prehistoric Vestiges on Highiș Peak in Zarandului Mountains (Municipality of Tîrnova, Arad County)

    Victor Sava
    The Archaeological Site of Felnac “Complexul Zootehnic” (Arad County). Discussions on the Late
    Bronze Age Settlement and Cemetery

    Octavian Cristian Rogozea, Răzvan Ioan Pinca
    Two Bronze Items Discovered by Chance: the Bracelet from Jupa (Caraş-Severin County) and the Long
    Dagger from Găvojdia (Timiş County)

    Sándor Berecki
    Two Late Iron Age Graves from Vladimirescu

    Cristina Bodó, Valeriu Sîrbu
    The Fortifications in Câmpuri Surduc in the Context of the Dacian Discoveries made in the Mureş
    Gorge (the Şoimuş – Zam Area)

    Alexandru Berzovan
    On a Presumed Roman Military Expedition in the Valley of River Marisos at the Turn of the First
    Century A.D.

    Britta Burkhardt
    Reflecting on the Typological Analysis of Roman Provincial Baths and Bathhouses

    Dan Băcueț-Crișan, Sanda Băcueț-Crișan
    Old and New Archeological Researches Regarding the Early Medieval Habitat in Sylvanian Basin

    Aurel Dragotă
    Typology of Crescent-Shaped Pendants

    Silviu Oţa, Andra Samson
    Several Observations on the Medieval Battle Knives Found on the Territory of Romania (The MNIR

    Florin Mărginean
    Ottoman-Turkish Archaeological Research in Arad County. Turkish Strongholds in the Second Half of
    the 16th Century between Mureș and Crișul Alb (The Beginning of a thematic Approach)

    Călin Ghemiş
    From the History of Archaeological Researches in Crișana: Dr. Ernest Andrassy (I)



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    Tiberius Bader
    Egon Dörner, Forscher des Großraumes Arad (1925–1993)

    Eugen Pădurean
    He was my “professor”…

    Victor Sava
    Bodrogkeresztúr and Baden Discoveries from Sânpetru German, Arad County

    Xenia Pop
    Archaeozoological Data Regarding the Osteological Material from the Baden Settlement in Sântana “Cetatea Veche” (Arad County)

    Amy Nicodemus, Laura Motta, John M. O’Shea
    Archaeological Investigations at Pecica “Şanţul Mare” 2013–2014

    Alexandru Berzovan
    Observations Regarding the Dacian Discoveries made on the site of Zăbrani “La Pârneavă”, Arad County (first-second century A.D.)

    Ştefana Cristea
    “Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.” About a funeral statue from Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa

    Ioan Oprea
    New Bone Hairpins Discovered on the Territory of Colonia Aurelia Apulensis

    Dan Matei
    The Roman castra from Dacia during the “Military Anarchy” time. II. Their Baths and the Issue of External Dislocations of the Province’s Troops in this Interval

    Lavinia Grumeza
    Cloisonné Brooches Discovered in Banat (Beginning of the Second Century A.D. – Last Third of the Third Century A.D.)

    Florin Mărginean, Dan Băcueț-Crișan
    Archaeological Discoveries from the Period of the Dark Millenium in Felnac “Complexul Zootehnic” (Arad County)

    Rozália Bajkai
    The Latest Findings of the Research of Avar Age Settlements in the Region of Hajdúság

    Aurel Dragotă
    Twisted Wire Bracelets with Looped Ends in the Danube Basin (10th–11th Centuries)
    Erwin Gáll, Florin Mărginean
    Șiclău (hung.: Sikló) “Gropoaie” (Arad County). A Burial Ground Section from the Mid-10th Century in the Basin of Lower Crișul Alb (hung.: Fehér Körös)

    Dan Băcueţ-Crişan
    Elites, Local Power Centers in the Chronicle of Anonymous and Archaeological Realities in the Area of Meseş Gate around the Year 1000

    Erwin Gáll
    The archaeological research state of the 9/10–11th centuries in Moldova (Romania). Some thoughts on funerary places and stray finds (axes)

    Silviu Oţa
    Dress Items found in Fortifications from Banat

    Silviu Oţa, Liana Oţa, Gheorghe Niculescu
    Items Discovered during the 1983 Campaign in the Workshop no. 3 from the Fortification of Cladova (Comm. of Paulis, Arad County)

    Andrea Demjén, Florin Gogâltan
    Archaeological Researches in Gheorgheni (Harghita County) and its surroundings (2009–2013, 2015)

    Daniela Tănase
    Archaeological Researches Performed at Cenad (Timiş County) during the 19th Century and in the Beginning of the 20th Century

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    Tünde Horváth, Szilvia Guba, Gábor Bácsmegi

    Siedlungsteil der Boleráz- und der Badener Kultur aus Szurdokpüspöki–Hosszú-dűlő (Kom. Nógrád,



    Victor Sava, Lavinia Grumeza

    The Archaeological Site in Zădăreni, Arad County. History of Research and the Bronze Age Discoveries


    Dan Matei

    About the Castra in Dacia and the Analogies They Are (Should Be) Involved in


    Horațiu Cociș, Paul Chiorean, Ciprian Ciobanu

    The Secondary Roads of Potaissa. Case Study: A new Road Segment from Livadă-Valea Agrișului-Iara

    (Cluj County)


    Lavinia Grumeza

    Horses, Dragons, and Rituals: Three Vessels from Arad County


    Norbert Kapcsos

    The Grave (?) in Șeitin from Another Perspective. A Necropolis and Many Questions


    Călin Cosma

    Graves with Horses Discovered in the 7th–8th Centuries Cemetery in Șpălnaca/Șugud (Alba County)


    Dan Băcueț-Crișan

    Early Medieval Domestic Ovens Discovered in Lompirt and Pericei (Sălaj County)


    Florin Mărginean

    Contributions to the Medieval Ecclesiastic Geography of Arad County. State of Research


    Andrea Demjén

    The Tobacco Pipes Discovered at the Quarantine in Pricske (Harghita County)



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    Florian Mihail, Victor Sava

    The Lithic Material Discovered in the Eneolithic Cemetery from Pecica-Est, in Western Romania


    Adrian Cîntar, Octavian-Cristian Rogozea, Florentina Mărcuți

    A Sălcuța Settlement Discovered in the Boundary of Ștefan Odobleja Village (Mehedinți County)


    Alin Frînculeasa, Bianca Preda-Bălănică, Daniel Garvăn, Octav Negrea, Andrei Soficaru

    Towards a better understanding of the end of the Fourth Millennium BC in Northern Muntenia:

    The case of the Burial mound in Ploiești – Gara de vest


    Marian Adrian Lie

    Bronze Age stone battle-axes of Poiana Type


    Tibor-Tamás Daróczi

    An Aegean type Bronze Age razor in the Eastern Carpathian Basin


    Ionuţ Ledeţi, Adriana Ledeţi, Gabriela Vlase, Titus Vlase, Octavian-Cristian Rogozea,

    Dorel Micle

    An Ancient Method of Mending a Dacian Vessel. Analysis ATR-FTIR of a binder


    Paul Chiorean, Horațiu Cociș, Bogdan Bere

    The Secondary Roads of Potaissa. Case Study II: Trial Trench on the Road Segment from Livadă-Valea

    Agrișului-Iara (Cluj County)


    Norbert Kapcsos

    Late Roman Period Cremation Burials in the Eastern Periphery of the Trans Tisa Region – The Lower

    Mureș Valley


    Aurel Dragotă, Mihai Blăjan

    Bird Offerings in the 10th–11th Centuries Necropolises From Alba Iulia


    Attila J. Tóth, Florin Marginean, Zsolt Csók

    Underwater Survey of River Mureș between Semlac and Pecica


    Andrea Demjén

    Analysis of the Stove Tiles Discovered at the Pricske Quarantine (Harghita County)



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