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    “The year 2017 will mark the hundredth anniversary of Carl Schuchhardt’s last and most comprehensive survey of the Dobrogea walls, that complex of three linear fortifications linking the Danube with the Black Sea. Of all the topics that absorbed the German archaeologist over the course of his long life, none, perhaps, proved more enduring than his study of the Lower Danubian Earthwork Fortifications in Romania. Indelibly linked as his name is with Pergamon and Haltern, with the Eberswalde and Craiova hoards, and with the search for Vineta, however, Schuchhardt’s contributions in the area of Romanian archaeology have not received the attention that they deserve. The present volume attempts to address this gap with annotated texts of Schuchhardt’s four relevant papers on the Lower Danubian Earthwork Fortifications together with a discussion of his life and certain aspects of his contributions to European and Romanian archaeology.” (The Authors)





    Flavius Bozu, Ovidiu Bozu
    Preventive Archaeological Research on Middle Ground Wave from Gearmata Confine (Timiș County)

    Richard A. Mason, Lucas C. Mason
    Unrecognized Remains of the Western Segment of the Ploscuţeni-Stoicani Vallum (Athanaric’s Wall) East of Ploscuţeni (Vrancea County, Romania)

    Valeriu Sîrbu, Costin Croitoru, Stănică Pandrea
    The Linear Fortification from Șuţești, Brăila County

    Magdalena Ștefan, Dan Ștefan
    Alternative Explorations of Linear Fortifications “Trajan’s vallum” from Șuţești (Brăila County)


    Dragoș Măndescu
    An Almost Forgotten Old Map and the First Mentions of Some Roman Remains on Alutanus and Transalutanus Limes

    Ion Dumitrescu
    The “Troian” and Other Roman Monuments on Specht’s Map

    Costin Croitoru
    The “Trojan” in the Romanian Oral Tradition


    Eugen S. Teodor
    Landscape Restitution and War games: The Gate of Invasions

    Nicolae Ursulescu, Vasile Cotiugă
    On the Dating and Use of the Linear Fortification from Southern Moldavia (Stoicani-Ploscuţeni)

    Mircea Ignat
    Earth Vallums – Possible Interpretations


    Vitalie Bârcă
    Olbia, Tyras, the Roman Empire and the Sarmatians in the Second Half of the 1st – Early 2nd Century AD

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