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  1. Categorie: Domenii
  2. Autor: Thibaut Castelli
  3. Autor: Victor Sava

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    100,00 LEI

    ‟The present work is based on a unitary approach of Neolithic and Eneolithic discoveries in the Lower Mureş Basin. From a chronological perspective, it envisages the approximate period of 6000–3000/2800 cal BC, from the onset of the Starčevo-Criş-Körös pottery until the disappearance of the Baden and Coţofeni pottery. The area taken into consideration includes several units, distinct from a geographical perspective. The main landmarks are the Mureş Valley (from the settlement of Deva until Szeged) and the Crișul Alb Valley.

    This research has two main objectives: publishing the artifacts preserved in the collection of the Museum of Arad and systematizing the information existing in specialized literature regarding the Neolithic and the Eneolithic in the Lower Mureş Basin. Through the systematic approach and the methodology employed the volume presents a classical approach of archaeological discoveries. At the same time, the end goal is to create a starting point for future archaeological approaches in this area.” (from Introduction)

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