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    Preface (Vincent MEGAW)

    Miloš JEVTIĆ
    Basarabi and Ferigile Finds on the Border Between the Carpathian Basin and Central Balkans. Contribution to the Early Iron Age Chronology

    Emilian TELEAGA–Dorin SÂRBU
    The Chronology of the Late Hallstatt Cemeteries at the Lower Danube: Szentes–Vekerzug and Ferigile

    Prisca BARTOLI
    Knives with Spoon-Shaped Handle Terminal: a Potential Chronological Indicator?

    Tiberius BADER
    Ein Vergleich zwischen der Chronologie für Eisenzeit im östlichen Teil des Karpatenbeckens und im südwestdeutschen Raum, bzw. Baden-Württemberg. Ein allgemeiner Überblick

    The Relative and Absolute Chronology of Celtic Oberleiserberg

    Mitja GUŠTIN–Boris KAVUR
    Early La Tene Warrior Graves from Unterpremstätten-Zettling and Dobl-Zwaring (Styria/Austria)

    Marko DIZDAR
    Middle La Tene Female Iron Belts in the South-Eastern Part of the Carpathian Basin – is it Something Local and/or Global?

    András JÁKY
    Periodization of the Settlement of Balatonboglár–Berekre-Dűlő in the Iron Age

    Borbála MARÁZ
    The Chronology of the Late La Tene Period on the Tribal Territory of Eravisci, on the Basis of Historical Events and Painted Pottery

    Attila HORVÁTH M.
    Problems about the Change of Periods and Rites in the La Tene Cemetery on Csepel Island (Budapest)

    Károly TANKÓ
    Chronological Aspects of Ceramic Types from Recently Investigated La Tene Settlements in Hungary

    Péter F. KOVÁCS
    Chronological and Typological Problems of a La Tene Settlement Section from the Great Hungarian Plain

    Katalin ALMÁSSY
    Typology and Chronology: the First La Tene Horizon in the Upper Tisza Region

    Branislav KOVÁR
    The Settlements of the Hron, Ipeľ, Slaná and Rimava River Basins during the La Tene Period

    Aurel RUSTOIU
    Some Questions Regarding the Chronology of La Tene Cemeteries from Transylvania. Social and Demographic Dynamics in the Rural Communities

    Iosif Vasile FERENCZ–Cristian C. ROMAN
    One Landscape Two Settlements in the Late Iron Age Site at Tărtăria–Pietroşiţa, Alba County

    Andreea DRĂGAN
    Chronology of the Eastern Late La Tene Painted Pottery at Divici–Grad in the Iron Gates of the Danube

    Emilian TELEAGA
    Schwerter aus der Region des Eisernen Tores. Ein chronologischer Beitrag der Mittel- und Spät-La-Tene-Waffengräber

    Marija LJUŠTINA–Miloš SPASIĆ
    Brothers-In-Shears in the Afterlife: La Tene Warrior Panoply and Chronology at Belgrade–Karaburma

    Mariana EGRI
    The Beograd 4 Horizon in the Scordiscian Environment. Chronological Delimitation and Interpretation

    Dragoș MĂNDESCU
    The Chronology of the Rhodian Stamped Amphora Handles in the South-Eastern Proximity of the Carpathian Basin. A Case Study: the Late Iron Age Settlement at Cetățeni

    Sebastian MATEI
    Elements for a Chronological Framework of the Dacian Fortress from Târcov, Buzău County

    Daniel SPÂNU
    Iron Age Fibulae from Zimnicea in their Archaeological Contexts



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    Octavian Cristian Rogozea
    Discoveries Attributed to the Early Vinča Phase in Tărtăria “Gura Luncii” (Alba County). The 214 Preventive Archaeological Researches Performed on “Site 10B”

    Georgeta El Susi
    Animal Bones from the Neolithic (Szakalhat) Levels at Uivar (Timiş County)

    Victor Sava, Florin Mărginean, Adrian Ursuţiu
    The Eneolithic Cemetery in Pecica “Est” (Arad County)

    Tünde Horváth
    Budakalasz, ein besonderer Bestattungsplatz der Badener Kultur. Kritische Anmerkungen zum Buch: Maria Bondar – Pal Raczky (Red.): The Copper Age cemetery of Budakalasz

    Tobias L. Kienlin, Klára P. Fischl, Liviu Marta
    Exploring Divergent Trajectories in Bronze Age Landscapes: Tell Settlement in the Hungarian Borsod Plain and the Romanian Ier Valley

    Călin Ghemiș
    The Late Bronze Age Gold Ring Discovered in Betfia (Bihor County, Romania)

    Liliana Daniela Mateescu-Suciu
    Glass Recipients from Sarmizegetusa Regia. Unguentaria and Bottles

    Horațiu Cociș
    The Rural Landscape of the Frontier of Dacia Porolissensis. A Case Study: the Northern Sector –
    territorium Arcoba(da)rense – The Valley of River Someșul Mare

    Norbert Kapcsos
    Sarmatian graves from Pecica Site 18. Remarks upon the phenomenon of „isolated” graves from the Cris-Tisa-Mures region

    Ioan Stanciu
    On Early Medieval Roasting Trays and their Presence in the Settlements from the North-Western Part of Romania

    Călin Cosma, Adrian Bolog, Ovidiu Oargă
    Avar Graves Recently Discovered in Gambaș (Alba County) on the Spot Called “Ogoarele de jos”

    Dan Băcueț-Crișan, Gruia Fazecaș, Doru Marta
    An Early Medieval Feature Discovered in Oradea – Salca “Ghețărie” (Petrom Gas Station)

    Daniela Tănase, Gábor Bertók, Anita Kocsis, Balázs Major
    The location of Egres Cistercian monastery – Igriş (Timiș County), in the light of recent geophysical research

    Florin Mărginean, Zsolt Csók, Keve László, Victor Sava
    Unveiling History. Archaeological Excavations in the Fortress of Ineu (Arad County)

    Dorel Micle, Bogdan Alin Craiovan, Andrei Stavilă, Octavian-Cristian Rogozea
    The Times before Fischer’s Furniture Store. The Preventive Archaeological Researches in Sfântul Gheorghe Square 2–3, Timișoara (Timiş County)

    Andrea Demjén, Florin Gogâltan
    The Ciuc-Ghimeș Quarantine (18th–19th Centuries). Archaeological Researches of the Former Customs Point “Cetatea Rakoczy”


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