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    "The volume ‘Migration and Identity in Eurasia’ brings to the forefront two topical concepts in European historiography and beyond. In terms of the Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, emphasis lay (in recent decades) on the impact of mobility and migration in the Greek and Roman world, migration narratives, experiences and structures, migration and integration, networks, connectivity, and cultural interactions, politics of honour and civic identity in the Hellenistic and Roman world, as well as on the archaeological study of migration (concepts, methods, results, scholarly traditions and political ideology – especially in the case of those territories under political debate among various modern countries). The requested space limits impedes us to further discuss these or other aspects here, however, chronologically and geographically, the ancient times and the Middle Ages provide a wide range of approaches for the study of the ’foreigner’/’migrant’ and different patterns of inclusion and exclusion. As such, above-mentioned research aspects may also be relevant for issues surfacing, under different forms, in the current development of society, be it with reference to socio-economic, political or cultural aspects." (Excerpt from "Preface")

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    Volumul de faţă cuprinde 1062 de scrisori, care, în intervalul 1930–1949, au circulat între Ion Muşlea şi respondenţii la chestionarele Arhivei de Folklor a Academiei Române. [...] Cu excepţia a douăsprezece scrisori, care au circulat între Ion Muşlea şi preotul profesor Victor Ioan Oprişu, publicate de Ioachim Lazăr, restul de o mie cincizeci sunt inedite, păstrate în cadrul Institutului „Arhiva de Folclor a Academiei Române”, în dosarele administrative ale primului director al Arhivei, sub eticheta „Ieşiri 1930–1948”.

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