Carmen Borbély, Petronia Popa Petrar

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Carmen Borbély & Petronia Popa Petrar, Foreword

I. Configurations of Posthumanist Thought

Horea Poenar, (Another) Year Zero: The Commons in a Posthuman Age
Rareș Moldovan, Authentes: a Shadow-Play or A Series of Observations in “Post” about Authenticity
Călina Părău, Thinking and Constructing Moments of Split
Attila Kovács, Anonymity and Spectral Existence in Urban Space
Marius Conkan, Mapping Literature: Geocritical Thinking and Posthumanism
Marie-Agnès Cathiard, De l’« imaginaïf » en prosthétique
Cosmina Moroșan, Peace and Technology. Michel Serres

II. Figurations of Posthuman Becoming

Christian Moraru, Crossing the Kafka Network: Schulz, Blecher, Foer, and the Repositioning of the Human
Giovanni Rotiroti, Subjectivations et désubjectivations post-humaines. Corps de langage et flux inconscients dans le matérialisme enchanté d’Urmuz et Gherasim Luca à partir de la pensée de Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari
Doru Pop, Replicant Theologies of the Early Robocene or The Covenant of Procreating Replicants, Cybernetic Fertility and Divine Androids
Alina Preda, “New Planets for Old”: A Posthumanist Ecocritical Approach to Jeanette Winterson’s Ustopia
Ruxandra Cesereanu, Lanark and Unthank – Posthuman Elements in Alasdair Gray’s Novel
Diana Melnic, Vlad Melnic, Shortcut to Posthumanism: Decentring Elements of the Gaming Experience
Kwasu D. Tembo, Among Them but Not One of Them: A Xenological Exploration of the Otherness and Power of DC Comics’ Superman
Nóra Máthé, “Are You Thor, the God of Hammers?” – Mixing the Posthuman and Old Norse Mythology in Thor: Ragnarok
Nicolae Andrei Szilagyi, The Human in the Context of a Posthuman World
Cristina Diamant, Archiva(b)l(e) Bodies and Cyber Afterlife in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas
Marius Viorel Pușcaș, From Narrative Art to Discourse. A Posthuman Approach in Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife

III. Refiguring Past Trauma, Prefiguring an Apocalyptic Future

Corin Braga, Antiutopies apocalyptiques et posthumaines
Andrada Danilescu, Beyond the Human: Transhumanist Negotiations and Posthuman Instantiations in Aldoux Huxley’s Brave New World and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas
Dana Bizuleanu, Svetlana Alexievich and Posthuman Narratives
Anamaria Lupan, Marguerite Yourcenar et le post-humanisme
Dana Percec, The Canadian Tempest. Margaret Atwood and Shakespeare Retold as Hag-Seed
Aura Poenar, Necessary Monsters. Monstrous Narratives. Haunted Images of Our Time

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