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„The history of the Roman auxilia was for the first time closely examined by C. Cichorius. An early attempt to discuss various topics and aspects related to the place and role of the auxiliary units in the Roman army belongs to G. L. Cheesman. For the study herein, of great significance are the studies of W. Wagner and K. Kraft4, who tackle, others also the units active on the territory of Moesia Superior. J. Beneš approaches the issue of auxiliaries from the two Moesiae and the Dacian provinces, initially in a 1970-study and then in a monograph issued in 1978.

In 1980, P. A. Holder also contributed an article to the basic reference work on the topic of Roman auxilia and their history in the Roman empire during the 1st century AD at a time when the evidence was limited (to some degree represented by military diplomas) and difficult to interpret together with our knowledge on the history auxiliary units known later to be stationed in the mentioned provinces. The special importance of the study consists in the attempt to equate the units recorded in the 1st century with those attested with certainty through 2nd century-military diplomas. The approach has been recently furthered by the publication of two overviews on the displacement of the auxiliaries under Trajan and Hadrian.” Introduction

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