Coriolan Horaţiu Opreanu, Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu

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Anul apariției: 2016
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„The frontiers of the Roman Empire, over 5000 km long, stretch from the Atlantic coast of Scotland, along the Rhine and the Danube, also enclose the Banat region and Transylvania, then going down along the Oriental Carpathians to the Black Sea; from the southern coast of the Black Sea they continue towards the Near East until the Red Sea; then, in North Africa, they line the edge of the Sahara desert until the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Over this entire area, visible traces of fortifications, roads and settlements are still preserved, but numerous monuments still lay hidden underneath the earth. Despite the fact that the Roman frontiers crossed regions with different relief and climate, they constitute a whole in that they were designed to protect Roman territories. The research of these monuments and the preservation policy regarding them was and is unequal in the various presentday states on whose territory traces of the Roman frontier are to be found. Consequently, in the ‘80s of the 20th century, the idea of globally protecting the Roman frontiers, viewed as a unitary monument, was met. In 1987, Hadrian’s Wall in United Kingdom was declared a UNESCO monument. It was followed in 2005 by the German-Raetian sector, on which occasion the UNESCO committee decided to set up the ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire’ site.
This project through its complexity generated an interdisciplinary approach of the proposed subject stimulating such future attempts in the archaeological research field. By using the latest technical methods of non-destructive investigation the project did not damage the stratigraphy of the archaeological site obtaining instead a high amount of data otherwise time consuming judging from the archaeological excavations perspective contributing also to the preservation of the cultural heritage.” - fragment din Introducere

Contents List of Illustrations 7 List of Tables 13 Authors and Contributors 15 Acknowledgements 17 Introduction (Coriolan Horațiu Opreanu, Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu) 19 I DEFINING THE ROMAN LIMES OF DACIA Dănuț Petrea, Iuliu Vescan, Ștefan Bilașco & Ioan Tanțău Natural landscape of the researched area 31 Coriolan Horațiu Opreanu & Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu The limes as a contact zone between Orbis Romanus and Barbaricum 43 Coriolan Horațiu Opreanu & Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu The province of Dacia 49 II INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH METHODS AND THE STUDY OF THE ROMAN LIMES IN DACIA POROLISSENSIS Dan Ștefan Geophysical surveys and the reconstruction of the ancient landscape 115 Sorina Fărcaș, Ioan Tanțău, Roxana Grindean, Andrei Marian Panait & Andrei Cosmin Diaconu Palaeoenvironmental research methods 121 Ștefan Bilașco, Iuliu Vescan, Ioan Fodorean & Raularian Rusu GIS and Spatial Analysis 133 Anamaria Roman & Tudor-Mihai Ursu Multispectral satellite imagery and airborne laser scanning techniques for the detection of archaeological vegetation marks 141 III LANDSCAPES OF THE NORTH-WESTERN LIMES OF ROMAN DACIA Ioan Tanțău, Roxana Grindean, Andrei Marian Panait, Andrei Cosmin Diaconu & Sorina Fărcaș Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions since 5000 BC 153 Roxana Grindean, Ioan Tanțău & Sorina Fărcaș Human impact and land-use since 5000 BC 165 Tudor-Mihai Ursu & Anamaria Roman Ancient and present floristic, vegetation, and ethnopharmacological aspects regarding Porolissum area 173 Ioan Rus, Iuliu Vescan & Ștefan Bilașco 3D Modeling using UAV and photogrammetric techniques 225 Anamaria Roman, Tudor-Mihai Ursu, Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu & Coriolan Horațiu Opreanu Multi-sensor surveys for the interdisciplinary landscape analysis and archaeological feature detection at Porolissum 237 Coriolan Horațiu Opreanu & Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu Remote Sensing at Porolissum: an archaeological perspective 263 Vlad-Andrei Lăzărescu, Ștefan Bilașco & Iuliu Vescan Big Brother is watching you! Approaching Roman surveillance and signalling at Porolissum 275 Conclusions (Coriolan Horațiu Opreanu) 305 Bibliography 309