Csaba Szabó, Viorica Rusu-Bolindeţ, Gabriel Tiberiu Rustoiu, Mihai Gligor

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Contents Foreword 9 Introduction 11 Program of the international conference 17 THE LIFE AND WORK OF ADALBERT CSERNI Csaba Szabó Reconstructing Béla Cserni’s biography 23 Viorica Rusu-Bolindeț Adalbert Cserni’s contribution at the discovery of Governor’s Palace from Apulum – old and new perspectives 35 Radu Ota Adalbert Cserni and the Roman provincial art. Case studies from Apulum 53 SOCIAL AND ACADEMIC NETWORK OF THE PIONEERS OF ARCHAEOLOGY Irina Achim, Corina Borș Grigore Tocilescu – a Pioneer of Romanian Archaeology in a European Perspective 61 Ioan Bejinariu Fetzer J. Ferencz (1856–1939) and the Archaeology from Sălaj 91 Olivér Gábor Szőnyi Ottó’s time capsule from 1913 101 Kirill Gusev The visit of D. N. Anuchin in Europe (1877–1879) and the international cooperation in archaeology and physical anthropology 113 Eszter Istvánovits András Jósa and his Contemporaries 119 Jenny Kaurin Charles Cournault (1815–1904) á la découverte des collections pre-romaines en Europe de L’Ouest (1873–1880) 131 Emanoil Pripon Dr. Mártonfi Lajos (1857–1908), a precursor of Transylvanian museology 143 Vladislav Sobolev People and fates. Pioneers of medieval archaeology in North-Western Russia (1870–1914) 153 Adrienn Wéber Juhász László (1842–1911), a pioneer of archaeology and antiquarian as founder of the Museum of Pécs 167 III. THE BEGINNINGS OF URBAN ARCHAEOLOGY IN EUROPE Florin-Gheorghe Fodorean Archaeological sites recorded by Téglás István in the territory of Potaissa 187 Ana Cristina Hamat Stories about Tibiscum. The research carried out by the priest Iosif Mircea at the Roman ruins from Jupa 205 Julien Trapp Johann Baptist Keune and Metz Museums (Moselle, France). The birth of modern archaeology in the annexed region of Lorraine (1892–1918) 219 FROM ANTIQUARIAN COLLECTIONS TO THE FIRST MUSEUMS Cristina Bodó Archaeological research undertaken by the members of the History and Archaeology Society of Hunedoara County 235 Delia Roxana Cornea Unpublished testimonies about the beginnings of museology in Dobrudja in the late 19th century 251 Evgenia Zastrozhnova Archaeological materials from the excavations of Phanagoria (19th century) in the collection of the State Historical Museum (Moscow) 265 NATIONALISM AND OTHER IDEOLOGIES Phil Freeman The consequences of Francis Haverfield’s visits east of Vienna in the 1880s 275 Heinrich Zabehlicky A political research-history: The case of Bruckneudorf between Hungary and Austria 321 Laura Coltofean Zsófia Torma: A pioneer of prehistoric archaeology in nineteenth-century Transylvania 327 Béla Santa In ‘the interest of science... from distant Transylvania’: Zsófia Torma’s research for British academic patronage 355 Csaba Szabó Histories of archaeology in Transylvania. A short overview 373 Maria Medvedeva The Imperial Archaeological Commission (1859–1919) and the national system of archaeological investigation in Russia 401 Abbreviations 413 List of Contributors 415