Csaba Szabó

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Anul apariției: 2016
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“Writing a book about a personality and his rich, scholarly activity is a great task and challenge, especially when it’s about a researcher whose life and heritage was forgotten or kept in a silenced “mood” in the pages of historiography. Many aspects and details of Béla Cserni’s life were unknown until now and some of them will remain so even after publishing this book. There were also few articles and researches on theoretical urban archaeology, museology and history of the discipline, which served as analogy for writing this book. These lacunae made this work hard to accomplish. But the novelty of the initiative was accepted with great enthusiasm and interest by the academic community, which helped me a lot.” (Csaba Szabó)



I. Introduction: finding Cserni

II. Cserni in the historiography
II.1. Cserni, the founder (1916 – 1945)
II.2. What is his name? Naming Cserni in a historiographic context
II.3. Cserni in silence sufferance (1948 – 1989)
II.4. Cserni rediscovered (1990 – 2016)

III. Béla Cserni: a biographic sketch
III.1. The roots of Cserni: the years in Sibiu (1842 – 1861)
III.2. The first years in Alba Iulia: the botanist and the teacher
III.3. Cserni, the husband and the father
III.4. Cserni, the photographer
III.5. Final years and death

IV. Cserni, the scholar
IV.1. The formation of a scholar: the firsts steps
IV.2. The correspondence of Cserni
IV.3. Cserni, the traveler
IV.4. Cserni and the history of Apulum

V. Cserni, the archaeologist
V.1. Urban archaeology in the Belle Époque
V.2. Cserni and the Palace of the Governors
V.3. Cserni and the Colonia Aurelia Apulensis
V.4. Cserni and the Municipium Septimium Apulense
V.6. Cserni and Pósta: an intellectual clash of the titans

VI. Cserni, the museologist
VI.1. Museology in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century: the beginnings
VI.2. The foundation of the Association and the museum
VI.3. Monopolising the cultural heritage
VI.4. Cserni and the new museum: possibilities and perspectives
VI.5. Cserni and the Inspectorate

VII. Final remarks

VIII. Chronology

IX. Bibliography
IX.1. The bibliography of Béla Cserni
IX.2. References of the book

X. List of figures